Celebrating Solidarity


Celebrating Solidarity

We’re in this together

Multi Kulti Collective is the national partner in the international project Celebrating Solidarity. It aims to explore, stimulate debate and advance solidarity and philanthropy as crucial topics within European societies.

The project gathers CSOs from 6 European counties – 3 EU member states (Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland) and 3 Balkans countries (Serbia, Macedonia and Albania). They all have long and turbulent history of facing crisis, both man-made (political, social, armed conflicts, etc), as well as the natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, etc). The project explores the variety of turbulent times those counties and their citizens were/are facing, while celebrating and understanding the importance of solidarity and love to other human being in a word of conflicts and disasters.

The partners will
(1) research youth perception of philanthropy, volunteering, charity, civic participation, solidarity through focus groups and fun online quiz;
(2) create a common European Online Museum of Solidarity full of inspiring stories, photos, video, audio;
(3) organize national Solidarity Festivals that will celebrate solidarity through arts, music, food, discussions, etc;
(4) gather together for a big international Conference on Solidarity in Belgrade that will explore the obstacles and responsibilities in this regard.

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Project news and products:

Time frame: October 2016 – September 2017
Partners: Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation – leading partner (Serbia), DemNet (Hungary), Partners Albania (Albania), Foundation RadioKit (Poland), Mladiinfo International (Macedonia), Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria)

The project is co-funded by the EU, Europe for Citizens Programme