Effective Inclusion of Refugees

Effective inclusion of refugees
Handbook for Practitioners

In recent years, the concept of "good practice" has become a key concept in the development, funding, implementation, evaluation and promotion of projects aimed at the integration of beneficiaries of international protection. However, what do we call a "good practice" in integration? At the European level, there is still a lack of clear criteria that can be applied in the development and implementation of projects to maximize their potential impact.

In 2020-2022, the Migration Policy Group (MPG), with the support of UNHCR, undertakes to create an integration tool based on the best European research and standards. The tool will be piloted in 7 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Malta, Poland and Finland) and will be based on feedback from key stakeholders. The process aims to create a robust network of practitioners and organizations in each of these countries who fully understand and use the tool in their programmes.

News and developments:

Timeline: September 2020 - May 2022 
Partners: Migration Policy Group (Belgium) - leading partner, Migration Institute of Finland (Finland), Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy - ELIAMEP (Greece), Gaia Testore (Italy), People for Change Foundation (Malta), Center for Migration Research, Warsaw University (Poland), Grupa 484 (Serbia), Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria)
Funding: UNHCR