Born in Mexico City, Carlos Arellano is a publicist and arrived in Bulgaria in 2009, having liked the country, the people and the Rakiya during a previous visit. In Bulgaria, he organises events for the InterNations expat organisation.

Have you felt special treatment here because you are a foreigner?

All people here are so friendly, many of them speak Spanish, and when they learn that I am from Mexico, they go: "Ooo, Mexicano! Tequila! Hey, amigo!". And Bulgaria is a small and nice country, very safe. Now Bulgaria is my second home.

Can you distinguish a particular trait in the Bulgarian national character?

Bulgarians are so much like Latinos. They like their country, the women are very clever, the men are very macho. The same like us.

Did Bulgaria surprise you?

First, the people. And then, the country. It’s so beautiful, with the mountains and the Black Sea. And you have very good food, with dishes similar to those in Mexico. Like Mish-mash, it’s similar to our Houevos a la Mexicana. And the Bulgarian chillies are almost as hot as the Mexican ones. Here, I prepare my own salsa Mexicana and my own guacamole. I am happy.

Do you have Bulgarian friends?


Do you celebrate Bulgarian holidays?

Yes, of course. I love Baba Marta. It’s very colourful.

Can you describe Bulgaria in three words?

Beautiful. Friendly country. My secunda casa.

Do you plan to stay for longer?

Yes, I am very happy here.

Do you feel a part of Bulgaria?

Yes. For example, when you go by night even at two or three o’clock past midnight there are open bars, and people are having fun. In Mexico, it is the same – time doesn’t matter, you can find people enjoying themselves anytime. In Mexico, we also have a crisis, but we find a way to enjoy ourselves. To enjoy life. I am very happy about this.