The Sofianer

the sofianer

the sofianer

If Sofia was a magazine cover

The project puts Sofia on the world map by including it in a global visual initiative - creating a collection of covers of the imaginary magazine The Sofianer as a tribute to the iconic covers of The New Yorker magazine. The cities that have so far created their own visual interpretations are Paris, Tokyo, Montreal, Shanghai, Brussels and Milan. The project envisages involving the best artists in Bulgaria through an open invitation on how they see Sofia, presenting their work in an exhibition in physical and online environments and initiating a public debate on the past, present and future of the capital.

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Timeline: February 2022 - December 2024 
Partners: Credo Bonum Foundation, Multi Kulti Collective
Funding: Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, US Embassy in Bulgaria, Mastercard, 5l speakeasy bar